Rosaries, Prayer beads, Good luck charms

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Loving reminders to promote a state of calm and well being


My rosaries are designed to be versatile, adaptive, and light to carry around. It can be used for practices such as prayer, meditation, relaxation, or none at all. It is designed so it fits in your hand, for easy handling, and to have it as an intimate object. Using only high-quality materials. I spend a some weeks designing each one of them. I select the materials to generate a specific energy.


High quality materials to accompany you for a long, long time. I only use natural stones of the highest grade possible. 

They are natural materials and it’s fully hand-made. Size and color may vary slightly. 


Each rosary/mala is hand-made by me during relaxation and meditative practice. I make each one of them calmly and without hurry, when I feel it is time for it, taking care of the details so that they give off this same state. I dedicate at least an hour and a half to each 56 rosary-beads. The inventory is therefore limited.


· the Rosary

· a cotton pouch

· a booklet written by me on its use


Designed to fit any type of practice and non-practice.

You can use the same word/phrase/saying all the way around or one on the strawberry quartz and one on the rosewood. The transition from gem texture to wood is an invitation to introspection through the sense of touch. The touch of the carved rose bead invites us to recollection.

· If you want to follow the traditional rosary method, start with the anchor bead. Do three beads and switch back to the anchor bead. Do the whole round. Once you reach the anchor bead again, going forward or backwards, do three beads and switch back to the anchor bead.

· If you want to follow the traditional mala method (108 beads), use the guru bead as a guide and not as a prayer bead. Each round is 54 beads and two rounds are one full traditional mala. Do not cross over the guru bead, so when you get to the guru bead, make the second turn the same way you came (backwards).

Love and blessings!

Prayer beads Booklet.pdf